All Live long A.L.L.  / February 2-3-4 2024 at Studio Hop!

Every day a different style live!

+ nearly 6h solo workshops with Alexandra Karsenty & 3 h couple workshops with Ari Levitt (USA)

With ALL LIVE LONG, you'll enjoy the same weekend at Studio Hop in Toulouse, France:

  • social dancing to music ( Swing, Blues and Fusion )
  • Friday live swing organized directly by Studio Hop/ Saturday live blues with Uncommon Social Band, Sunday live piano with Noriova and DJ set between the live performances each day.
  • almost 8h of workshops for everyone (5h45 solo for all levels/ concepts for advanced as well, 2h per level for couples)

Important to mention a tango practice ( & maybe a workshop!) to round off your ALL LIVE LONG w.e. in style, with "La Dos", organized by Christine Caminade and Laurent de Chaunac, starting at 4 p.m. at Studio Hop too!  (extra cost)

if you'd like to join us, but can't afford the ALL LIVE LONG workshops or parties


You still need to register here, but from 29 January you can no longer pay by bank transfer to the IBAN that was sent to you by e-mail after you registered until 28 January.
--> You will now pay for your tickets at the entrance.