Uncommun Social Band / USB : You've probably already seen these four musicians on stage, especially if you dance! They play in numerous swing, blues and salsa bands that have proved their worth with dancers at international festivals. (Jack Cockin and his blues buddies, Le Bardi manchot, La Revuelta, Ida y Vuelta, Big Fat Swing, Blues n' Bones, The Raggedy Junkers). They're preparing two sets especially for those who like to feel their guts vibrate deep down!

From the deep darkness of musical roots emerges a band whose passion for the blues transcends the boundaries of time. Like an echo from the bowels of the earth, their music resonates viscerally and heavily, capturing the very essence of the soul. Driven by raw emotion, this quartet explores the abyss of human experience through the universal language of music and the roots of the Blues. Each note is a powerful embrace, each riff an expression of transcendent pain. In this sonic journey where the past meets the present, the music comes alive with unparalleled intensity. This is the poetic story of a band whose music is a primal cry, a celebration of life in all its simplicity. The four of them have been playing for a number of swing, blues and salsa bands for many years, and have proved their worth to dancers at international festivals.

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Noriova : From an early age, Valentin Avoiron studied drums and bass. He composes, tries his hand at guitar, and studies solfeggio and clarinet. His artistic projects led him to the piano. Both rhythmic and melodic, he discovered an instrument he was passionate about. He plays in a variety of bands, from metal to hip-hop, jazz and traditional music. At the same time, he spent 4 years training as a piano tuner/repairer. His anatomical knowledge of the instrument opens up atypical playing possibilities. The uniqueness of his music has led him to collaborate with circus artists, dancers and actors, and to work with theater companies to compose music for several shows. A MIMA graduate after 3 years' study at Toulouse's Music'Halle school, he now plays with the jazz-rock group MARTINE, the jazz-fusion trio BLANC LAPIN, and his solo piano NORIOVA."

Multidisciplinary yours! / +33 6 64 28 68 87