Alexandra Karsenty

Alexandra Karsenty is choreographer, Director and graduated as a dance teacher with the French State Diploma (D.E.) from the National Dance Center of Lyon.

She also graduated as a Social Dance instructor with a Diploma from The French Social Dance Institute. 

She has been a Professional dancer for 15 years now and took the artistic direction of l'Ailleurs Des Peaux Cibles Company/ Compagnie ADP (Dance and theatre Cie) which she founded in 2015 to conduct a multidisciplinary research on stage.

From initial academic background (classical, modern dance, modern jazz,...), she essentially devotes her career to contemporary dance and also to theater, new circus, afro-contemporary dance, swing, cabaret and so on. Alongside the tours on stage, she has been teaching for 15 years especially in contemporary dance classes, (technical classes, but also improvisation and composition workshops), but also in Body moves (isolations), lady styling, cabaret etc...

Having plunged for a few years into the world of a thousand faces of Afro-Latin dances such as Cuban salsa, Kizomba, Bachata, , and then Blues and Swing Dances; she launched a Well-Being workshop to firstly, meet the big needs of this audience with stretching and massages, and then was contracted by festivals to teach fundamental Tools of Dance to many other Dancers.

She now also present these workshops to a larger audience ( even non-dancers).

FB: @Cie ADP and the new FB page @alexandrakarsentypage

Instagram: @alexandrakarsenty.cieadp

Multidisciplinary yours! 

Alexandra Karsenty

+33 6 64 28 68 87