3 & 4 Nov 2023 :


J'organise une Soirée Blues et Fusion (vendredi) + deux Stage de solo Blues et un 3e cours d'outils pour "partner dance" (samedi) au Centre Ma Bulle en Santé, 95 bis Allées Charles de Fitte, à Toulouse, l'un des plus jolis quartiers de notre belle ville rose que vous pourrez visiter!!!

+ il y aura une 2e soirée blues samedi 4 avec live band, organisée par @Charles et Marion dans un autre studio de danse à Toulouse)  :  Event FB @Blues Time Night = Alliance Blues Toulouse

Vendredi 3 Novembre Soirée Blues & Fusion (Live & DJ)  à Ma Bulle en Santé

20h30 : initiation blues couple avec Alexandra et Charles comprise.

21h30 : SOIRéE BLUES DJ avant / après le live.

22h15 : Live Blues Joris Ragel & guests

0h : Live Fusion Joris Ragel solo

Accès Sauna et Hammam & DJ Fusion après le live (Apportez 2 serviettes (une pour le sauna, une pour vous sécher! ... et un maillot de bain !)

PAF : Cours + Soirée + Sauna / Hammam 12 à 16 € au choix.

Merci de préparer l'appoint. Attention, il n'y a pas de bar sur place, pensez à apporter vos boissons !

Apportez 2 serviettes (une pour le sauna l'autre pour vous sécher… et un maillot de bain !)

Vos chaussures de ville resteront à l'entrée, apportez aussi vos chaussures douces ou vos chaussettes pour le plancher du studio de danse ! Ambiance cosy assurée!


Descriptions of the workshops at bottom of page



--> I'm organising the BUBBLE BLUES

COSY PARTY (& blues initiation w/Charles)

& SOLO WORKSHOPS + SOLO TOOLS for partnering

Live Joris Ragel & Guests

Venue/ Lieu : Centre Ma Bulle en Santé

95 bis Allées Charles de Fitte, Toulouse

--> Charles et Marion are organising the

BLUES TIME NIGHT with 4 musicians at another Venue

Samedi 4 Novembre à Ma Bulle en Santé

STAGE : 10 € / cours d'1h15 (3 au choix : Débutant.e.s, Inter, Inter/Avancé.e.s) --> Choisissez votre/ vos stages ci-dessous

(Préachat 5 € nécessaire pour s'inscrire)


15h -16h15 : SOLO BLUES débutant

16h30 - 17h45 : SOLO BLUES intermédiaire (polyrythms in blues)

18h : Outils Centre et Sorties d'Axe pour être safe en danse à deux (contrepoids en Blues, Fusion, Contemporain) Inter / Avancé (au moins deux années de pratique de danse)


15h : SOLO BLUES Initiation (Beginners)

16H30 : POLYRYTHMS in BLUES ( Inter / 1 year minimum)

18h : TOOLS for Dancers about Centre & Going out of the axis to play with contraweight with partner ( 2 years minimum of one dance / partner or solo : Blues, Fusion, Contemporary dancers etc)

IMPORTANT: you have to pay through the online portal below (frames) a little part and you will pay the rest at the venue before the workshop because places are limited.

EACH CLASS : 10 € / 1h15

Workshop Details 

4 novembre 2023 à Ma Bulle en Santé:

15h -16h15 :

Workshop for beginners in Solo Blues! (total beginners or partner dance all levels)

Body isolations, discovery of different Blues styles and rhythms from Juke Joints and Ballroms, through technical learning and exploration, but also deep emotions danced by the whole body. Attitude, posture, state: the blues is much more than just a dance. It's a universe that we'll embrace together, solo but together, like an echo of the musical principle of Call & Response!

16h30-17h45 :

Polyrythm Workshop in Blues! (Intermediate/at least 1 year solo or couple)

(Tools for Blues, jazz, modern', hip-hop dancers and all people interested in rythm and coordination)

Polycentrical and polyrythmical loops ! After discovering the main rythms in Blues, we will try to associate / dissociate. Funny workshop to increase the possibilities of our bodies, develop creativity, even with little vocabulary, using methodically our joints from head to toes, on spot and in all space. A game by groups will propose to try to analyse the rythmical loops of the others, while dancing our own's, just to have fun and give everyday tools and improve our dissociation & coordination ! We will also work on partnering (without the need of balance lead&follow)


 18h-19h15 :

Centering and going out of the axis!  (Intermediate & advanced /at least 2 years of solo or couple dance or physical activity)

--> Tools for Blues, Contemporary, Fusion Dancers, and all people interested in movement research, already having a body activity (theatre, circus…)

Individual experimentation & in partnership (without the need of balance lead & follow) . Feel and work on the Axis first, then play to get out of it, without risk (for oneself, for the other). Raise awareness of your Center, build your verticality to learn how to get deliberately out of it, by using simple tools. The goal is to increase the freedom of movement in general, improve our mobility to add quality to our body and so, to our dance !

We'll connect to oneself, to the ground, to the other, and meet the concept of « double direction » allowing you to connect your extremities through your center, while controling how to manage your balance, your imbalances.Tools for solo & partner dance to play with weight and gravity in connection with musicality (slow down, vivid, stretching).