As I became totally crazy about afro-latin dances, i’ve been spending all the time I can in international festivals, and everytime the same story !

I can hear dancers complaining about their pains, but in festivals, nobody warms up, nobody stretches his/her body…

In afro-latin dances, as in a lot of dances for two, a part is actually missing very often in education and trainings, even for high-level dancers, however we call that part « the fundamentals » in other dances.

So Stretch'in'Dance's wellness workshop is born, one specific for dancers and then i opened one for non-dancers!

Stretch'in Dance - Micro-entreprise
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APE: 8552Z Enseignement culturel 
Alexandra Karsenty
pour Stretch'in Dance  / SiD-K
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Compagnie ADP- Association Loi 1901
domiciliée à Toulouse
Siret: 813 268 034 000 10
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Siret:: 402 599 955 000 42
APE: 9001 Z
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